Here is a collection of small sentenses and advise that I picket up during the last many years.

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Don't feed your Airedale at the table unless you want it the next 12 years. Also when you have guests!

Don't get two bitches with the same age. They will fight frequently the first five years.
(But when they get old they will be very cute. Like Auntie 1 and Auntie 2)

If you like companionship in your bed then invite your ADT into the bed. But remember that it don't know when it's feet are dirty. Or when you would like to be able to turn once in a while. - One Airedale in bed is possible. Two Airedales in bed is hard. Two Airedales, yourself and your girlfriend is quite hard to explain.....

New to Airedales? Do you have a carpet? Get rid of it and get tiles or wooden floor instead.

An Airedale puppet will drive you nuts. There is no effective cure for the biting, barking and jumping. Learn to love it. It will pass.. In some years.. ;-)

If your Airedale jumps and barks when you come home then pretend to read the newpaper or look at the ceiling with intense interest. In a moment the ADT will calm down and you will be able to greet him/her nice and quietly.

Two Airedales: Don't interfer with the Alpha and Beta roles.

Two Airedales: If Alpha enters the car or room first it will probably be a little hard on Beta. Try to reverse it so that Beta enters the car first. It will probably calm down things.

An Airedale has a strong constitution. You can choose to save the money for an insurance and put them on an account instead.

Barking at horses, pedestrians, cats, dogs etc. etc. in the car? Use a flower spray and give them a splash. The dogs that is.. :-)

Walking in the nature. If eg. a deer turns up you may not be able to call for your Airedale.

Walking in the nature. If e.g. an Airedale turns up you may not be able to call for your deer!

(Thank you for this one, Kim! :-) Peter.

If you need have your Airedales looked after once in a while then spend a weekend to visit kennels. Then you know what kennel to use when you need it.