Kalle Beach.

On the 7th of October 2000 we had a vist from Kalle. AKA 'The Colonel' or 'Obersten' in Danish. We had a lovely weekend and of course we went to the North Sea. There Kalle had his very own beach.
If there ever was an Airedale with an attitude it was Kalle! He was 'The Maaan' in every way.
He is gone now, but I will let the page remain in memory of a very special Airedale.

Peter, December 2002.

Kalle and Sophie on Kalle Beach


Sophie, Kalle, and faaaar away Tenna.

Kalle with sand on his horn


"Hi there... I'm Kalle. The Old Timer with sand on his nose. Why?? Because I dropped a treat in that &%#)¤ sand"

Kalle could wave also :-)


"I can even wave with my ears.. Now; show me one of those youngsters who can do this trick.."


Seagull? Crab? Cod? Plaice??

Kalle had a fiiine day :-)


Kalle was a very handsome guy!

Tenna bathing..


Tenna taking a dip.. If the water is too low, she will do like this :-)

When we walked by a museum Kalle frooooze....

He had seen Mr. Fox......




Sophie taking a closer look at the silent killer.....

Notice her tail.. One might as well be polite.


"Sneaky guy... Just standing there looking cool....."


"Careful now, Kalle...."


"Don't you move-- Or else..."

Peter Mortensen